My 100th Post (About What To Buy Eat Know Make Read See Try)

Dear all,
My first 99 posts are about what to Buy Eat Know Make Read See and Try. For my 100th post here, I offer an abbreviated list of my other writings in online publications such as the Huffington Post, the Daily Beast and Digital Dads. Some food, some fun, some other. Please tell me what you would like to see more of here on Short Order Dad. Thank you for visiting. Rob

# The 3 Herbs & Spices That Will Instantly Improve Your Cooking link

# Criminalize Coffee, Not Cannabis link

# 5 Remarkable Female Entrepreneurs link

# Must Plane Food be Plain Food? link

# Don’t Turn Drinking Into a Responsibility link

# Who Is Gary Vaynerchuk and What Is The Thank You Economy? link

# BBQ. Oysters. Happiness. link

# A VERY Short History of the Allman Brothers Band link

# My Love Affair link

# The Weirdest Food Trend Ever link

# momfilter Interviews Me link

# My favorite Short Order Dad post link

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