Top 10 Tips, Tastes and Tidbits for the Best Thanksgiving Ever

I have scoured the interwebs to bring you the most helpful links for planning and preparing your Thanksgiving Feast. They include recipes galore, wine pairings, shopping and cooking tips, and much more.

1) A comprehensive guide to planning, shopping and cooking, brought to you by Cooks’ Illustrated.

2) Is there a perfect Turkey recipe? Well known chef Jonathan Waxman thinks so. LINK

3) Some folks think the side dishes are the best part. Here are 10 Great Ones via Foodista. LINK

4) Even more side dishes from restaurant chefs via FINDEATDRINK. LINK

- Wait…you just love Brussels Sprouts? Check out this recipe and VIDEO how to. LINK

5) Having a large crowd over? Here’s a quick TIP.

6) What’s the best wine to drink (or bring) for the big meal? LINK

7) What to consider if some of your guests are vegetarian, vegan or “gluten-free”. LINK

8) For celebrity chef fans, here’s a look at WWBD: What Would Bobby (Flay) Do. LINK

9) Fair warning: DO NOT READ THIS if you don’t want to know what’s really in your Thanksgiving meal. (Hint: fat, sugar & salt – surprise, surprise.) LINK

10) Music for the meal? My suggestion is to sign up for Spotify and create your own jukebox for free! Plug it into your speakers and you’re good to go. LINK

Have the best Thanksgiving ever!
The Short Order Dad®

Dinner time!


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