This Kinda Thing Annoys Me

What is the sense of publishing a recipe that virtually no one will make?

I like Tasting Table. They do a good job. In their Meet The Sous Chef series this week, they present Garett McMahan, the Chef de Cuisine at Perilla in New York City. The chef has all the bona fides. I’m sure he’s phenomenal and the restaurant is terrific. He offers some tips and techniques – thanks for those. And then they feature his recipe for Romaine Salad.

It sounds simple enough.

It looks fantastic.

I’d love to order it at his restaurant.

But make it? Here’s what you’ll need:

- 15 ingredients (although the Bee Pollen is optional in case you don’t happen to have any in your fridge)
- 11 different pieces of equipment (links are conveniently provided to the $800 worth you might not have on hand)
- And a couple of hours of your life to shop and prep…

…all for a salad that serves 2.

Hey home chefs – good luck with that. You want something simpler? Try this instead.

What do you think?

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