A Novel Father’s Day Idea: Bacon Smelling Candles

13-year-old launches range of ‘manly candles’ It’s not every day that we come across a entrepreneur as precocious as Hart Main. This 13 year old from...

13-year-old launches range of ‘manly candles’
[Reprinted from Springwise]

It’s not every day that we come across a entrepreneur as precocious as Hart Main. This 13 year old from Ohio has launched his own range of “manly” smelling candles. Designed for those who, like himself, harbor a strong dislike for the “girly” scents given off by other candles — such as those once sold by his sister — Hart hopes his Man Cans will offer a more masculine alternative.

The candles are made from old soup cans, the majority of which Hart buys himself, to add to the 3,000 plus he has already received from donations. From his family kitchen in Ohio, Hart cleans these cans, removes the labels, and fills them with a proprietary wax blend made of all natural food grade wax. The resultant Man Cans are available in scents such as bacon, campfire, grandpa’s pipe, and new mitt, and all retail at $9.50, with wholesale prices available for orders over 20. The candles are available from select stores in Ohio and across the US, as well as online — although Hart asks that online customers be patient for, “these are still made in my kitchen, and I still have to go to school during the day.” But this is not just a means for a teenager to add to his pocket money; all of the soup from the bought cans is donated to soup kitchens, hospitals, churches, or other non-profit organizations.

Hart also has plans to work with organizations towards the aim of using recycled cans to hold the wax. Then, he explains, he will donate a percentage of each candle sale towards a local soup kitchen. It is certainly impressive work for such a young entrepreneur, who has not only created an innovative product but is using it to do good in his community. A model to be inspired by!


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