• Screen Shot 2014-12-05 at 9.57.32 AM

    Crack is whack!

    I am not referring to crack cocaine. Nor am I alluding the prodigious posterior of Kim Kardashian. This is about toffee. Killer toffee. So addictive, you’ll understand why it’s called crack. Biggies Crack. Toffee is what you get when you caramelize sugar with butter. What makes Biggies better is...
  • background RR channel

    Short Order Dad – TV

    How to make Oatmeal Brûlée...
  • It’s Official! Pre-order my book now…

    Great for Father’s Day or for anyone who wants the most taste with the least effort. Order here....
  • Family Eating Meal Together In Kitchen

    5 Questions to Ask at the Dinner Table

  • Trio of maize salad

    Let’s do lunch — the healthy way

    I receive a regular newsletter from Harvard Medical School. I’m posting this week’s message in its entirety here. Basically, it’s all you need to know about having a salad that is tasty and healthy. Salad can be a good way to go, but you need to be careful. Regular...
  • mqdefault

    On-the-street interviews

    I interview people on the street about food. Here are the first three....
  • bonjovi

    Adam Richman introduces Jon Bon Jovi

    Last night at the Food Network NYC Wine and Food Event, Man vs. Food star Adam Richman introduced Jon to the happy, hungry crowd. Captured on my trusty iPhone. Check out the video here. Then I had the pleasure of interviewing Jon’s dad and brother about their tomato sauce...
  • Beef-Made-Easy1

    Beef: What You Need to Know

    I like this. Every once in a while I find something that simply synthesizes and summarizes what you need to know. In this case it’s about beef. That is, what cut is what, and importantly, what is the best method to cook it. Thanks to some group called The...
  • Selecting Italian Red Wines, A Helpful Guide

    Original Source: Flow Chart of Italian Red Wines...

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