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  • Family Eating Meal Together In Kitchen

    5 Questions to Ask at the Dinner Table

  • Trio of maize salad

    Let’s do lunch — the healthy way

    I receive a regular newsletter from Harvard Medical School. I’m posting this week’s message in its entirety here. Basically, it’s all you need to know about having a salad that is tasty and healthy. Salad can be a good way to go, but you need to be careful. Regular...
  • Beef-Made-Easy1

    Beef: What You Need to Know

    I like this. Every once in a while I find something that simply synthesizes and summarizes what you need to know. In this case it’s about beef. That is, what cut is what, and importantly, what is the best method to cook it. Thanks to some group called The...
  • Short Order Dad’s Top 9 Tools for the Super Bowl

    You need the right (kitchen) tools to win the big game. Click here to see my recommendations, published on The Daily Meal....
  • All About Knives

    A very complete visual guide. by ShannonLattin. Explore more infographics like this one on the web’s largest information design community – Visually....
  • The Complete Guide to Calories

    Get health and fitness tips at
  • Sugar: No Surprise, But No Good

    In the public interest, I offer this infographic. I’m not advocating a particular point of view. Nor can I vouch for the source. Yet I still think there is real value in getting a handle of where all the sugar comes from, and how much of it we’re consuming....
  • Can You Eat What You Love and Stay Thin?

    Excellent article in the NY Times on how an overweight chef lost a whole lot of weight. I include this excerpt below from Allison Adato, the author of the recent book “Smart Chefs Stay Slim.” ENJOY WHAT YOU LOVE. Chefs like Rick Bayless and Eric Ripert don’t try to...

    EVERYTHING YOU NEED TO KNOW ABOUT THANKSGIVING OK, in preparation for Thanksgiving I’ve reviewed hundreds of recipes, ideas, tips, how-to’s, help lines and more. Here are the links that you might find useful. RECIPES — A whole lotta menus for 2 to 20 peeps (Gourmet) — Overall Thanksgiving Guide...

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